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Welcome to the 'Wombat shop' here you will find a wide range of wombat setups and accessories. Whatever you need a ground anchor for; Sports, Recreation, Safety or Boating Wombat has a product to help you. Have a look around and see what wombat can do for you.

The Wombat is:
- Quick and easy to Install
- Has no setting time (Install & Use)
- Reusable
- Weighs less than 400g
- Only 600mm long
- Holds an incredible 520kg each Wombat
(2 Wombats = 1040kg / 3 Wombats = 1560kg / 4 Wombats = 2080kg)
- Rust and corrosive free (Galvanised)

Bulk orders or International shoppers please ring +61 08 9272 6779 or E-mail to place your order and we will tailor your order, shipping and payment to suit your needs.
Wombat Anchor Single Image

Wombat Anchor Single
Lightweight galvanised super strong ground anchor.

Water Wombat Single Image

Water Wombat Single
Lightweight galvanised super strong ground anchor.

The Wombat Kit Image

The Wombat Kit
Wombat Kit for all your anchoring needs.

Galvanised Wombat Kit Image

Galvanised Wombat Kit
Galvanised Wombat kit for anchoring in wet areas.

Octopus: Mooring System Image

Octopus: Mooring System
Wombat mooring & Springer system

Wombat Beach Mooring Kit Image

Wombat Beach Mooring Kit
Wombat 'Beach Anchor' system

Wombat Jetty system Image

Wombat Jetty system
10mm - up to 5 meter boat

Wombat Jetty system Image

Wombat Jetty system
14mm - 6 to 18 meter boat

SoleMate Anchor Kit Image

SoleMate Anchor Kit
Permanent ground anchor.

Kite-Surfing Anchor Kit Image

Kite-Surfing Anchor Kit
Launch and return anchor Kit for kite surfing

SoleMate Image

Turn your Wombat into a permanent ground anchor

Installation T-Bar Image

Installation T-Bar
Wombat instalation tool.

Kite Ring T-Bar Image

Kite Ring T-Bar
Wombat 'KiteRing' T-Bar